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Kew Bridge, London

Large underground residential car parking area fitted with 64 EV charging units

Kew Bridge is a luxurious residential site in South-West London, located metres from the gentle trickle of the River Thames and just ten minutes from the ever beautiful Kew Gardens.


Situated in a beautiful part of South-West London, the site of Kew Bridge offers some truly stunning sights, whilst simultaneously giving residents a beautiful and unmistakably modern way of living.

In this day and age, it is perhaps one of the most imperative things to consider when constructing a major development - keeping things green. It has never been more important in our entire lives to source renewable energy, limit greenhouse gasses and ensure that our damage to this planet is kept to a minimum. As such, devices which source such energy are becoming more and more common place in people's homes and businesses. One of the fastest growing and, perhaps quite undeniably, most important of these is electric car charging points.

As electric vehicles become more common place, residents and businesses are looking for ways in which they can keep up with the demand. The site of Kew Bridge is just one such example of this, and the team at Walker Mower couldn't be prouder to have been a part of this fantastic project. A total of 64 high-end car charging units were installed throughout the underground car park of the site by our sister company, KWisdom Developments, with all design and consultation work taking place between the two companies on a regular basis.

On top of practical design work, Walker Mower were also able to offer data and networking consultation, to ensure that once installed and running, all services will run effectively and efficiently, with all the staff involved in keeping it all running fully trained in using these sometimes complex systems.


The project is set to be completed in early 2022, with all units professionally installed and working. The rear of the site at Kew Bridge is flanked by a beautiful line of trees, bordering the River Thames. Just meters down the road and across Kew Bridge itself lies Kew Gardens, one of Britain's most beautiful and luscious open spaces.

Want to talk about your electric car charging project? Why not Get In Touch with our sister company, KWisdom Developments today.


  • - Full electrical design
  • - Electrical and data schematic designs
  • - Site inspections
  • - Data networking consultation
  • - Basic staff training
  • - Full electrical installation (through our sister company KWisdom Developments)

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